An analysis of the movie the bishops wife

an analysis of the movie the bishops wife The bishop's wife is about a bishop that loses his focus on what is truly important a stranger comes along and shows the bishop's friends what god is like.

For his source material, goldwyn optioned the bishop's wife, a popular novel by robert nathan whose other fantasy romance, portrait of jennie, would eclipse bishop as both a literary work, and, as a 1948 selznick movie the fact that another rko film, frank capra's it's a wonderful life, containing a similar earthbound. And yet, when we actually look back at the history of our most beloved christmas movies, we see that the holiday has always, with two big exceptions the all- time classic it's a wonderful life (1946), and a slightly less well-known christmas classic, the bishop's wife (1947), are the two films that don't. Leonard maltin movie review: d: henry koster cary grant, loretta young, david niven, monty woolley, james gleason, gladys cooper, elsa lanchester christmas fantasy of suave angel (grant) coming to earth to help bishop niven and wife young raise money for new church engaging performances by all--and. Some of you may know the story, in some form, from either the 1928 novel of the same name by robert nathan (doubtful) or from the more recent 1996 remake/ adaptation, the preacher's wife i hadn't been exposed to either, at least not in full, so the bishop's wife film is actually my first exposure to this. The bishop's wife is a romantic comedy set at the holidays it stars cary grant as an angel sent to help an unhappy loretta young she is married to david niven, a recently promoted bishop who is too preoccupied with raising funds for a large new cathedral to pay his wife and daughter any attention actually it is in answer. Relevant issues box art for “the bishop's wife” what is the true meaning of christmas angels angels in the bible what else does the bible teach about angels answer what is the true meaning of christmas answers for skeptics plus carols, games, coloring pages, reviews of christmas movies, and more. This is my review of the 1947 movie the bishop's wife please leave comments and rate this video please subscribe to see more great videos my website is at.

Review: - by kathy fox cary grant and loretta young starred in two films: born to be bad in 1934 and thirteen years later, the bishop's wife this picture was nominated for best picture in 1947, but lost to gentleman's agreement this is cary grant's 51st film and his second in 1947 the bishop's wife was. The bishop's wife, also known as cary and the bishop's wife, is a samuel goldwyn romantic comedy feature film from 1947, starring cary grant, loretta young, and david niven in a story about an angel who helps a bishop with his problems the film was adapted by leonardo bercovici and robert e sherwood from the. Time: 109 mins rating: not rated genre: comedy/romance/fantasy won academy award for best sound nominations for best picture, best director, best film editing and best score this semi-serious comedy casts cary grant as dudley, a cheeky angel sent to earth to help henry (niven), a struggling bishop, recover. This is, of course, a review of the churches in these films, not the films themselves which is probably for the best as the original film and its remake share a frankly bizarre plot a clergyman and his wife are having marital difficulties, so god sends an angel to have a platonic affair with the wife you know, like.

The bishop's wife is a 1947 comedy-fantasy directed by henry koster, starring cary grant, david niven, and loretta young bishop henry brougham (niven). That's particularly true when the movie delivers its message in as charming a manner as does henry koster's the bishop's wife 198 now, i must warn you to proceed with caution no one's supposed to know what part cary grant plays in this until they see the picture 245 thematically there is nothing. Grant touches the lives of everyone in this story, including the bishop, their daughter, the maid, the stingy parishioner, and a crusty atheist professor, as well as the bishop's wife this long forgotten christmas movie was remade in the 90s as the preacher's wife starring whitney houston the review of this movie prepared by.

But grant was not always to play dudley in the bishop's wife, samuel goldwyn's entry in the 1947 holiday movie season accounts vary somewhat, but what is known is that goldwyn, displeased with original director william a seiter, dismissed him in favor of henry koster after filming was nearly complete. Verified purchaser i grew up watching this movie with my family at christmas time, and wanted to carry on the same tradition with my family now that i'm older it's funny, magical and gets everyone in the spirit of the season love itand my wife and 11 and 14 yr old kids did too was this review helpful yes (2)no (0) report. I have been reading books upon which some of my favorite movies are based this is a well written story but has none of the caprice that i enjoy from the classic movie with cary grant, david niven, and loretta young the novel is much move about the existential yearning of the bishop's wife than a comedic romance. The bishop's wife the story (potential spoilers) heavenly bells are ringing, jubilant choirs are singing and christmas joy is blanketing the world like freshly fallen snow but the yuletide spirit has yet to warm bishop henry brougham's victorian home struggling to raise funds for a new cathedral, the.

Summary distraught bishop henry is struggling to cope with building a new cathedral, but receives help from on high in the form of a suave guardian angel the heavenly visitor proves influential in fundraising, but when he turns his attention to henry's family life, the cleric suspects his new friend has designs on his wife. Continuing our look at advent and christmas movies: the bishop's wife from 1947 david niven is an episcopalian bishop of a struggling diocese loretta young (ironically one of the more devout catholics in the hollywood of her time) is his wife and cary grant is dudley, one of the more unimportant. Nor could niven foreseen that his lovely wife loretta young would be attracted to the ethereal mr grant it's all quite innocent, of course, and by film's end, grant has not only drummed up financial aid for niven's community, but has also patched up the shaky marriage between the bishop and his wife. To see both films back to back should be a masterclass in film anthropology that proves without a doubt that with the passing of time we have lost something invaluable i don't know what it is maybe there isn't a word for it yet what i would love to share with all of you is the joy that the bishop's wife borough to me.

An analysis of the movie the bishops wife

an analysis of the movie the bishops wife The bishop's wife is about a bishop that loses his focus on what is truly important a stranger comes along and shows the bishop's friends what god is like.

Hollywood movies, especially those from the golden age of the '30s and '40s, often perverted genuine emotions for the sake of story development, but the characters in the bishop's wife are portrayed with a profound humanity the fanciful plot has an angel coming to earth and taking human form (in the image of top-billed. The bishop's wife for sale at walmart canada find movies & music online at everyday low prices at walmartca. An angel (cary grant) saves a cleric (david niven) and his wife (loretta young) from woe tell us where you are looking for movie tickets enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing the bishop's wife near you enter city, state or zip code go.

  • A man with a heart of gold who finds himself in the depths of despair nearly abandons his beliefs until an angel visits him several days before christmas sound like a familiar holiday classicyou're.
  • Emissaries from heaven are not conspicuously exceptional on the screen, the movies having coyly incarnated any number of these supernatural types, ordained by their fanciful creators to right the wrongs of this world (not to mention the bookkeeping errors that seem to occur up above) view full article in timesmachine.

But this time, seeing this film a few days before christmas, i was struck at just how odd this fable truly was grant, as dudley the angel, has never given a smoother performance, niven, playing bishop henry brougham, has never spoken his lines in a more precise british accent, and the dulcet-voiced young. The bishop's wife contains one of hugo friedhofer's most heavenly scores cary grant stars as an angel who is summoned to earth in answer to the bishop's (david niven) prayer to help him find his way in building a new cathedral instead , dudley (grant) helps the bishop reignite his relationship with. Watch the bishop's wife movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast , movie clips and more at tvguidecom.

an analysis of the movie the bishops wife The bishop's wife is about a bishop that loses his focus on what is truly important a stranger comes along and shows the bishop's friends what god is like. an analysis of the movie the bishops wife The bishop's wife is about a bishop that loses his focus on what is truly important a stranger comes along and shows the bishop's friends what god is like.
An analysis of the movie the bishops wife
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