Objective of cultism in nigeria university

Female cultism in nigerian universities, does it exist if you consider a cult in religion, then it will be a true statement that the cult is the service of the deity or deities, including religious rituals, traditions and worldview another meaning of the word cult in religion is religious worship of any material object, such an object is. Cultism in nigerian institution could be traced back to the 1953/54 academic session where by seven young men started an organization called the pirates confraternity at the university college, ibadan now university of ibadan according to awe, (2004) none of the six men is active in the organization any. Department of vocational and technical education ambrose alli university ekpoma, edo state, nigeria keywords: illiteracy, cultism, examination malpractice, academic fraud abstract the nigerian educational system is in crisis this paper aims to describe that crisis and demonstrate how this situation is contributing to a. Cultism is a kind of engagement by people whose goals are not genuine cultism is a demeaning factor that has affected the progress of nigerian universities their activities have gone pass secret mission to open activities in tertiary institutions in nigeria tertiary institutions in nigeria are faced with attacks by cult groups. Militant students' unionism, secret cults, examination malpractices and sexual harassment therefore, it is recommended educational institutions in nigeria should pursue these goals considering the importance of university education ajayi and ekundayo (2006) submitted that the funds allocated to higher education. The menace of cultism or youth restiveness in our society is dangerously accelerating (geometric progression) while ethical, moral and other means of the youthful exuberance syndrome and the youth trying to behave like the university big boys they see around caty initiative: aims and objectives. The purpose of the confraternity was to combat societal ills and conformist degradation, which were being exhibited not only by students, but by society at large during the early 1990s, nigeria experienced an explosion of confraternity activities in nigerian schools, colleges, streets and creeks in the. The objectives of the centre are: to continue to carry out the crusade against cultism and cultic activities in all ramifications using networks of credible members of the community to gather relevant information on cultic activities and their sponsors, supporters and perpetrators this, it will do through advocacy, sensitization.

Many youths or students become members of secret cults because of the thirst for power and authority this is common among those with the aim of fighting for their rights in nigeria schools, the main reason why people become cultist is to fight those who oppress them, the wicked lecturer, school authorities and the. The origin of secret cults in institution of higher learning in nigeria is traced to prof wole soyinka,the first captain of the pyrates confraternity formed at university of ibadan in 1952 wole soyinka was the founder of the sea dogs,that made up of seven students the cardinal objectives of the original pyrates were to fight. Cult-violence and its attendant psychopathological behaviour among nigerian youths cult-violence and its associated psychopathological challenges in nigerian university campuses, the major flaws of corroborating the above assertion noted that the original aims and noble tradition of the nascent group were later. Imo state, nigeria phone: +2348035828364 abstract this paper is aimed at making an overview of the concepts of poverty and cultism in our contemporary society the origin the basic objective of the confraternity at that time was to elevate the social life of the university campus where orderliness and discipline could.

This has not only created an atmosphere of insecurity in our campuses, it is also diverting attention from the primary purpose of the universities which is education taiwo(2004) declared the study tries to portrayed the relationship and effect between the students and the cultism in nigeria institution 14 objectives of the. Cultismand violent behaviours in tertiary institutions in nigeria- ,, i/usauja gbcyegp beginning of cults in nigerian campuses the origin of cultism in nigerian universities is traceable to personalities who have aims and objectives which were positive became overshadowed by the eiye group since their objectives.

In nigeria over the past two decades this is a form of coping strategy by youth to the societal decay and apprehension in the national objective of self-reliance drive this cultism problem as a form of students' unrest is quite different in relation to the students' problems in the past it has caused parents, university. Introduction the nigerian university system is being ravaged by the menace of secret cults among the student population secret cult associations have infiltrated 5the major purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of secret cult organizations on university management the study is also interested in collecting.

The national association of seadogs, popularly known as pyrates confraternity is a confraternity organization in nigeria that is nominally university-based the group was founded in 1952 by the magnificent seven to support for human rights and social justice in nigeria. Campus cult in nigeria have been traced back to 1952 when prof wole soyinka, winner of the 1986 noble prize for literature and a group of six friends formed the pirates confraternity elite of the university college ibadan, then part of the university of london [1] it was formed with the aim of producing future nigeria leaders. Origin of campus cults what is known as secret cult in tertiary institutions started at university college, ibadan in 1953 it was formed by nigeria's only nobel laureate, prof wole soyinka, aig-imoukhuede, pius oleghe, ralph opara, nat oyelola and prof muyiwa awe their main objectives included: to abolish convention. From the foregoing, it becomes obvious that cultism in nigeria schools come into operation when basically law abiding individuals put themselves or allow themselves to be forced into a self-reinforcing situation of inferiority and dependence on a force believed to be stronger than themselves therefore, by way of objective.

Objective of cultism in nigeria university

Conflict and gender studies, university of port harcourt, rivers state, nigeria [email protected] available the history of cultism in nigeria in different parts of the world various forms of secret cult groups exist for variety of reasons including social and political purposes the process of becoming a. Feeling of insecurity and fear of cultism were high in nigeria tertiary education campuses one worrying development is that the activities of cults in institutions of higher learning are now influencing groups in other institutions including secondary schools 12 statement of the problem the purpose of this study was to. Faculty of education university of lagos, akoka yaba lagos, nigeria abstract it is a truism that secret cult, as the name signifies, is secret and evil on the other hand, challenges in whatever form posing a threat to higher education, which is conceived with the aim of bringing light and emancipation to mankind should be.

And problems encountered by the institutional administrators in nigerian higher educational system specifically this course will aim to: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 explain the meaning of higher education state the policy of higher education in nigeria discuss some general aspects of university governance examine the issue of. Cult activities involve blood sharing and waste of human lives have reached an alarming proportion in nigeria society today media reports blaze the coverage of cult activities in educational institution in nigeria these include the activities in the university of ibadan, nsuka, almadu bello university, obafemi awolowo. Last week i began an examination of the prevalence of drug abuse and cultism among nigerian youths i stated that there is a the beginning of cultism in our tertiary institutions has been traced to the activities of some young undergraduates of the then university college, ibadan this group of people,.

Cultism in nigerian universities: reasons why you should avoid cultism chizoba the sole aim of furthering one's education is to attain knowledge that will be useful not just to the student but to the whole community at large but involvement in cultism have and in most times jeopardized such goals. What is obvious is that the first campus cult (the pirate confraternity) was inaugurated in 1952 at the then university college, ibadan, by the radicals of the first generation of nigerian university student the main objective for this move was to checkmate the obnoxious educational policy of the then colonial administrators in. Nigerian universities seem to be so conscious of the tremendous roles they claim to perform that little attempt is made to find out what they have actually achieved this study was designed to investigate the role of nigerian universities in performance of their institutional objectives which are spelt out in the national policy. What is common to all cult groups are oath of secrecy, clandestine activities and desperate pursuit of goals and unlawful possession of dangerous weapons coming to nigeria, history traced the origin of cultism in tertiary institution to 1952 at the then university college ibadan when seven students acted as.

objective of cultism in nigeria university Egbona, e a (phd) +234-8035661530 alexegbona@gmailcom department of educational administration & planning university of calabar calabar-nigeria abstract upholding the basic social beliefs, values of the system to achieve its set down goals engaged in cultist activities education.
Objective of cultism in nigeria university
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