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R referee report 2016 endeavour referee report • the selection process for the endeavour scholarships and fellowships are merit-based and referee reports do not guarantee an offer • referee reports received after the closing date will not be considered • reports returned directly to the department will be treated as. Imreoirí a ordaítear den bpáirc / details of players ordered off the field (state infraction/s for which player/s were sent from the field) please use language of the rule book (a) immediate ordering –off foul / infraction (a red card) imreoir (player) jersey no contae (county/club) mí-iompar (infraction). Referee report on an applicant applying for registration as an oral health pracitioner in new zealand october 2017 • please complete all sections of the form • if necessary, questions may be retyped and answered on a separate sheet of paper (alternatively this form is available electronically on wwwdcnzorg nz. View the referee reports on the official website of the united soccer league (usl. Doctoral referee report who can provide my doctoral referee report referee reports and letters of reference should be from your master's thesis supervisor and another academic staff member of your home university who can comment on your research capability and experience the referee reports and letters must be. Referee's report confidential dear referee please fill in the name of applicant and programme applied for: name as in nric/passport: programme applied for: nanyang fellows mba the above-named applicant is applying for admission to the nanyang fellows programme the director admissions. We require two academic or professional referee reports before we can assess your application you will need to contact two academic referees and ask them to submit one referee report each in support of your application to undertake a research degree these are specific forms that must be completed your nominated. Here i want to outline the specifics of what we at the jci are looking for in a referee report for the editorial process to be successful, a few things are paramount: a well-written and novel manuscript, an informed and unbiased editor , and constructive comments from peer reviewers we've already published.

Referee report for higher degree applicants applying for high degree research candidature at une. Referee report form please complete the form and return it with your reference to the applicant, to submit with his/her application to: the applicant please complete this section of the form you should ensure that each of your referees ( as named on your application form) is proposed programme of study school in which. Referee report form to: the applicant please complete this section of the form please then pass it to the referee named on your application form, requesting that they complete it and either return it to you, or that they send it directly to the university by email at: [email protected] or by post to: the admissions. Preparing a referee report: guidelines and perspectives jonathan b berk stanford university, stanford, ca 94720 campbell r harvey duke university, durham, nc 27708 david hirshleifer university of california, irvine, irvine ca 92697 abstract peer review is fundamental to the efficacy of the scientific process.

A good referee report helps in publishing high-quality results thereby eliminating fake studies as it focusses on the soundness of the study and provides effective feedback. Referee reporting welcome to the whole game system referee reporting help page addthis sharing buttons share to facebook share to twitter 0 shares the fa expand on this page you will find information designed to assist you to submit your discipline reports into the whole game system video guide.

Referee report the applicant has named you as a referee in support of an application for an australia awards scholarship supported by the department of foreign affairs and trade (dfat) for study in australia to assist in the selection process, we would like to receive your views on the applicant's suitability for a. The purpose of this mgsm program is to provide an opportunity for students to develop knowledge, abilities, attitudes and understanding which will constitute a foundation for their growth into competent and responsible managers it would assist the school if you would provide your assessment of the applicant this report.

Academic referee report form for graduate research degrees at the university of melbourne privacy statement the information you provide will be used by authorised staff for the purpose for which it was collected and will be protected against unauthorised access and use the university has a detailed privacy policy. Discipline/special field of interest 2 referee's report (this section must be completed by the referee) in what capacity, how well, and for how long, have you known the applicant please give your personal assessment of the applicant's technical competence, initiative, diligence, motivation, and promise of sustained and. Advice to referees please submit this form online for the applicant of the dba or phd program at the university of wollongong in dubai (uowd) the information provided by you in this report, is confidential and not for the purpose of the applicant's perusal it will be used to assist in determining the applicant's ability to. I once received a referee report for a journal submission that said, “in fact, in my view its contribution to science is negative” the report continued with comments about how the paper lacked “proper and sound scientific inquiry” and was “unsuitable for publication pretty much anywhere, i think” just in.

Referee report

What is a technical referee report an applicant applying for registration in a category and class of building work must have recent experience in carrying out that work in accordance with relevant standards the technical referee report provides information about the applicant's work, when it was performed, and the. Referee report confidential to faculty of education and social work selection personnel please complete this form and email it to: [email protected] or post to: the university of auckland faculty of education and social work student centre private bag 92602 symonds street. Refereeing is essen^al to academic research • journal editors are the ul^mate gatekeepers when it comes to publica^on – their job is to decide what papers are 1) credible 2) important and 3) of interest to their readership – with hundreds of papers submifed each year, editors need help making judgments on which get.

Skip to main content toggle navigation home about us overview non academic departments hr corner admissions academics overview faculties institutes academic departments academic programmes scholarships academic calendar graduate school library quick links iede finance section. Send the links for the appropriate report to your nominated referees: graduate diploma or master of teaching and learning online report or download the form here referee report graduate education programmes bachelor of teaching and learning online report or download the form here undergraduate referee. How to referee a scientific paper the refereeing process black box description input: a paper submitted to a specific jour- nal/conference output: a referee report comprising, at least 1 a recommendation for/against publication in the journal/conference sufficient justi- fication for the recommendation is a must 2.

In the course, which i have been teaching for the past couple of years, students write referee reports on each other's papers so i've been working up a handout to go along with my general discussion of referee reports in the class i asked for feedback on the handout from some folks on my facebook page. You need 2 referees' reports at least one should come from an academic referee there is a form you should fill out and send to your referees (word 480 kb) they will send it direct to the university of canberra referee reports are important documents in assessing your application referees sometimes do not send the. As an editor, i like to see referee reports comprising three sections: a general summary of the paper and the contribution it makes you need to highlight here what is new and interesting about the paper, as well as give a summary in a few sentences the major problems that need addressing this is. Referee report form instructions for referees 1 this form may be completed in ms-word or on a printed copy 2 the completed form should be provided to the applicant for review and signature prior to being forwarded to the selection advisory committee for consideration in the assessment of the applicant instructions.

referee report Referee report: title of the paper author's name ∗ date of report 1 overview this should be a very short paragraph to give the editor an overview of the paper and (if you are a junior reviewer) to demonstrate that you have understood it correctly • what does the paper try to do • how does it try to do so • does it.
Referee report
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